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Drops generate amplified click through rates, up to 750% higher than Facebook or Instagram averages.


90% lower than the average Cost per Link Click across the Meta ad ecosystem.


Recurring Participation

Drop participants love play-to-earn and play-to-win opportunities with their favorite brands.


Cross-Promotion Rate

Dropfish opens up new audiences because our users love to play to win.

They use Dropfish...

Choose who to drop to by setting entry criteria.

Choose Audiences on Any Platform

highly target audience selection
Social Networks

Reward likes, shares, follows and more from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media.

privacy anonymous GDPR ID
Content Platforms

Thank your subscribers and followers for their engagement with your content on YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Twitch, Medium and any other content platform.

public open universal id lookup
Loyalty Systems, CRMs & DSPs

Reward the in-app or in-store actions you capture like orders, purchases, check-ins and retention.

highly target audience selection
Direct Invitation

Invite fans to claim rewards directly by email.

Design Rewards that Excite Your Community

A young Twitter woman receiving a rare collectible

Limited edition or rare pieces of art.

Samples & Upgrades

Onboard with starter sets or boost membership tiers.

Samples and upgrades curve
Fish dropping from the sky into the sea
Private Events

Access to events with limited public availability.

Private Events with exclusive access
Limited and exclusive merch and swag.

Special swag of a restricted quantity or availability

Exclusive access to content
Content Access

Special rights to view content or bypass digital restrictions.

Discounts and reduced prices

Reduced prices on your work, products or services.

Drop Now. It's Free.

Drop anything you want to anyone you want.